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Surface Area and Quantum Physics

In order to understand how  Eco-Organic technology produces organic product, which is more effective and much less expensive than toxic. You must understand two simple illustrations. 

Illustration I. Surface Area 

Got surface coverage?  Eco-Organic products turns 6 square inches of organic growing material into 127 acres of growing and cleaning  material! 

Colossal powers are being unsealed with a technology that can make football fields of the most effective growing and cleaning material starting with only a handful of organic ingredients. 

Eco-Organic achieves global organic solutions for all of it's products like this, suppose you have a cube of iron measuring an inch on each edge. 

The total surface area coverage of the iron would be six square inches (where iron touches the surface it sits on like a table for example). 

The electrical charge or chemical reaction of two objects occurs on the surface where the two objects meet (like where the iron meets the table-only where the iron and table are touching or sharing a surface is there a chemical reaction between those two objects); therefore, the greater the surface coverage, the more significant the charge. Or the more surface area being covered, the greater the electrical charge. 

If  we were then to divide the cube of iron by cutting it into smaller pieces we increase the surface areas. Or the area that the iron can now cover-is larger than the area the iron could cover before it was divided into smaller pieces.  As illustrated above, our technology allows us to create gigantic surface coverage for products like our Farmers Foliar or our HomeComplete All Purpose Cleaner  most economically, because of our unique ability to turn small amounts of ingredients into such large volumes of usable product (turning a few square inches of material into 127 acres of ready to use product like mentioned above).  

But that's just one advantage of our product, next you will learn why not only can we make much more cleaning and growing product from much less organic material, it also works   more powerfully and safely than toxic and organic physics sized products. 

Illustration II. Quantum Physics 

Suppose you have a piece of gold. Then you take that piece of gold and cut it in half. When you cut gold in half, it does not change it's "Physical" or physics properties. 

This means that both halves of gold will melt at the same temperature, both halves will freeze at the same temperature, as well both halves’ will conduct electricity at the same levels. This is because or due too Physical Law, Physics Law or Periodic Law which states  that Gold at any size will be exactly the same only smaller, right? 

Actually No! there is an exception, in fact, if you keep cutting gold in halves until you get below 50 Nano-meters. Amazing things happen! Gold characteristics like melting point, color and electric conductibility change completely. This is what happens when physics laws no longer apply, and Quantum laws starts to apply.

How do changes that occur at a quantum size apply to our technology? 

All of our formulations use soap particles for instance . Only there is a major difference between our quantum soap particles and physics soap particles. You see, all soap particles  have a head and a tail.


The head is attracted to water and the tail repels water (think of a head pulling forward because of it’s attraction of water-and a tail pushing forward because it repels water-this is how soap achieves movement).

Something really fascinating occurs to soap particles which are below 50 Nano-meters. The polarity of the soap particle's reverse.. 

This makes the Soap head's and tails attracted to each other instead of attracted and repelled by water....when this happens they bind tightly together forming a Nano-sheet of sorts. 

Once soap particle becomes a colloid soap particle or a quantum sized soap particle, it can do many things impossible for physics-based chemistry or physics sized soap particles.

Things like emulsify oil hydrocarbons and other toxic petrol-chemicals when cleaning.  Or how our bio-degradable soap particles can disinfect, sanitize and continue eliminating fungus up to 28 days after application. How is that for clean!

When used for growing plants for example, our technology's particles are so small, instead of being absorbed by the plant through the root uptake system, Farmers Foliar when sprayed on plants passes "through" the plant walls and delivers nutrients and energy directly to the photosynthesis factor Increasing BRIX in all plants by as much as 85%.  Keep in mind that at a quantum size or atomic size all plants are the same, unlike at a physics size plants differ between each other.

These are just a few unique capabilities of our products. Many unique results are  a results of billions of micro-organisms called micelles that are created by a propriety process of blending and heating ingredients made completely from plant and plant extracts.

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Eco-Organic's Biggest Challenge

Accurately educating the consumer about the basics of chemistry, so that consumers are not continually confused by marketing methods which rely heavily on the consumer believing that they need a specific product for a specific solution.  When in reality, our cleaner does thousands of things better and safer than the hundreds of products commercially available for those specific purpose. 

Or how our Farmers Foliar Fertilizer works on all plants as an all in one solution.  Again farmers have been educated by marketing companies with limitations based on physics for there product, and this is the reason so many farmers are using so many different products on so many different crops.  None of that is necessary. 

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