Clean, Grow, Eat, Work & Protect Stronger.

Organic for up to 50% Less than Toxic.  Give by Living Better. Learn How

A Single Epic Formulate. Entire Product Domains Done Better, Safer, Accessible and Sustainable.

Home Cleaning


Eliminate  MCS in your home with HomeComplete, cleaning Better, Safer & Certified while helping eliminate MCS globally through Social Good.

Personal Health


Preventing Carcinogen Absorbance from toxic lice prescriptions with People Safe Lice Eliminate.

Farm & Garden


Growing Organic for 50% less while Eliminating Pesticides making organic merchandise is made less expensive and more accessible than toxic for all humans!

Pet & Animal Health


Safe for human handlers and there animals. Non-Toxic Global Pet and Animal Solutions for animal health and healing.

Industrial Cleaner


Save time with a product that biodegrades or emulsifies oil, grease and petrochemicals upon contact. No safety equipment required.

School & University


Ending MCS in our Schools and  Carcinogen Absorbance with SchoolSmart Cleaner & Lice Eliminate

Global Challenges: Organic & Economic Solutions.