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Consider what has  previously been reported on how colloids can have a huge impact on maladies like alcoholism.  We need to research and develop, in order to fully understand, demonstrate and certify our technologies many promising prospects for human health.

Learn More about the miraculous history and potential of colloids for human health

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30% of Donations go to Global Organic Growing


Farmer's Foliar Concentrate is given to farmers in the greatest need.  This single farming solution is completely non-toxic, requires no special safety equipment.

Learn more about globally eliminating pesticides  with Farmers Foliar

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30% of Donations go to Eliminating MCS


HomeComplete, PeopleSafe & PowerForward all protect food and food processing areas, eliminate bug problems, and provide total personal care.

 Eliminate toxic-created human illness like  Body Burden and MSC  for you and people everywhere!

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5% of Donations go to Bioremidation


LandReclaimer Bioremidiation concentrate cleans toxic land with 9600 ppm toxicity to under 25 ppm in 20 minutes of spraying and agitating.  

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