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Toxic Landfill? What can Land Restore & Refresh do in 20 minutes?

 Although not brought to public attention, for obvious reasons, the  hazardous waste discharges spewed forth from the countless manufacturing  establishments throughout North America have resulted in the creation  of 140,000 so-called 'toxic waste sites.' There are no comparable  reliable statistics available for Asia and the Pacific. 

One indication of Land Restore & Refresh  wide versatility and surprising potency  was a demonstration undertaken in 2005, in which the company was asked  to put it to the test at a notorious Florida toxic waste dump. The count  of hydrocarbon and other volatile contaminants in the soil showed an  initial ‘off-the-scale’ measurement of 9600 ppm. A sample of the soil  was augured up from the site and placed in a rotating drum to which a  Land Restore & Refresh cleaning solution had been added. After twenty minutes agitation, a  dirt sample was withdrawn and sent to a state laboratory for analysis.  The surprising result - the initial 9600 ppm number had dropped to just  25 ppm.     

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Clean your crops while fertilizing, controlling pests, mildew and mold

Farmers Foliar spray emulsifies petrochemicals from toxic fertilizers and cides organically-while saving farmers at least 50%

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Reclaim your Waterways

Water Restore & Refresh, emulsifies and separates the hydrocarbons into exceptionally tiny nano-emulsions, while surrounding them with the water based solution. This has the effect of rendering volatile hydrocarbons non-flammable, while at the same time greatly stimulating bioremediation of the hydrocarbon by increasing the end chain exposure created by the nano-emulsions. This makes the traces of hydrocarbons that remain a readily available and easy to assimilate food source for bacteria. 

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